These programs are designed by Sensei Pol Stafford. The lead Adult Instructor is Brock Bernstein.


Keiko is the word we use for practice (deep study). It means that we are not simply learning techniques for fighting (jutsu), but that we are studying ourselves and our interactions in the world using Aikido as a lens.

We will find joy and massive capacity for compassion. We will also find our meanness, our rage, and through the expansion and relaxation of Aikido techniques, work with them as skillfully as we create possibilities for peace with others.

Tai-jutsu (Open-Hand)

Open-hand techniques are the foundation and heart of Aikido. We bring expansive, accepting, powerful circles and lines to bear on perceived attacks, letting go of our separateness and finding conclusion.

Every technique includes the 3 principles of Aikido, inherited from Shinto: triangle, circle, square: Entering, Including, Grounding.

Jo-jutsu (Short Staff)

The staff teaches us to reach beyond ourselves, that our power and influence don’t end at the extent of our bodies. The staff teaches us that we can both give and receive powerful interchanges with others and not be undone or destroy others – this creates an ease in the self, a comfort with power that does not have to express itself over others in order to be experienced.

Bo-jutsu (Long Staff)

Originating with Hikitsuchi-sensei (now deceased),
this solo long staff work is a beautiful piece of moving meditation.

Ken-jutsu (Sword)

Aikido sword-work is fundamental to the art. Originating in the ancient samurai practices of sword-drawing and sword technique, the movements of Aikido teach us the peaceful use of power.

Adult Curriculum

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8th Kyu White Belt
7th Kyu Yellow
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