The practice of Aikido is the practice
of peace, and that like peace, Aikido is much, much greater than the techniques
we engage in on the mat. However, they serve as a doorway into our larger

Breath is key to the practice of Aikido – it helps us find ourselves, and take in the world around us without being overwhelmed.

The practice of Aikido is the practice of freedom. We keep our power so that we have the full range of human choices. Even in the face of violence or intensity, we get to choose what to do – whether we will engage or disengage, whether we will be soft or firm; how we will exercise our innate generosity.

Every person’s practice is their own. Each person has unique capacities and learning styles. The sensei offers what is his or hers to offer in terms of physicality, heart wisdom, ki, the practice of love.


What if there were a hundred more persons in the world, in the US, in California, right in this town of Ojai who had a deep, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual connection to and understanding of peace?

Living Aikido envisions and holds the reality of creating a hundred black belts (Masters) in the Way of Peace.

We shall apply the philosophies of Aikido to train every part of ourselves, to include in every aspect of our lives a presence of Harmony and Peace.

One person at a time, ten persons at a time, a hundred persons at a time, we will help to support the growth of humanity as one family by helping to purify and open human beings to their unique, already-present mastery.


Living Aikido’s mission is to establish a center for the practice of
nonviolence in the Ojai Valley that is self-supporting, reliable, and
offers programs that serve the community as a whole.

The heart of the center will be the practice of Aikido, embodied by
youth and adult programs, each designed to provide for the unique needs
of that group, and a teacher training program to foster the development
of positive teachers in the world.

The center will offer periodic free classes to members of the community
on a variety of nonviolence topics. The center will host several
teachers a year of aligned disciplines, whose seminars are open and
appropriate to general attendance.

This center shall discriminate in employment and student body in no
way. All persons interested in training will be welcome.