Shaking your hands up and down


Find your chushin, your center line, with your hands, one to the sky, one to the earth. Extend yourself upward and downward, draw in the 2 great extremities of the world and cup them together, like a contradiction between your hands.

Connect to your center, shaking that contradiction as you shake yourself.

Polish your center, by which I mean, shake off the accumulation of crud that happens by being in the world. Connect to the light that is your core, and open up to it, recognize your center as the true heart of you.

Easy, right?

One thought on “Shaking your hands up and down

  1. Ten Shi … Appreciating the embodied impossibility, magnetic opposition and same time liberating bringing together; and how that does shake off the casings and encrusted defenses, bracings and fixations of life. Appreciate your meditation, stories and descriptions. The thoughtful context inspires the thought that, Like the sun, perhaps, even with a now-limited body, perhaps there is a way to return to my beloved Aikido. Thank you.

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