A Place for Nonviolence

Living Aikido is a not for profit school based in the Ojai Valley. We are dedicated to providing a space and an opportunity for personal growth through the exploration of peace as a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual integrated practice.

Aikido is a Japanese martial art (budo) developed in the 21st century, born of traditional samurai arts and open-hand jujitsu. Budo (martial art) means “way to stop the fight.”

The essential difference between Aikido and other martial arts is that Aikido is explicitly and fundamentally nonviolent. The founder of Aikido, Ueshiba Morihei, realized that direct nonviolence was the best approach. Save the life and integrity of your attacker, and you will save yourself. (Read more about our philosophy here.)

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No experience is required, just a willingness to explore the challenges inherent in our relationships with other human beings. Aikido is the science of recovering center and compassion under pressure.

  • If your child is 7-9, the Dragons Class is for them!
  • 10-14, the Youth courses are the right place
  • Students 15+ are welcomed into our Adult program

Call and let us know you’re coming so we can make sure it’s a good class for you.

Wear comfortable clothes, and bring along an interest to explore compassion, rolling and the tradition of Japanese Martial arts connected to our daily lives.

Read more about our adult and youth programs.